The 12 Simple Secrets of Management
The 12 Simple Secrets 
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The 12 Simple Secrets of Microsoft Management
Microsoft's management style is its core strength. This book describes Microsoft's management style and corporate culture--and provides lessons on how to manage any company the same way Microsoft does. There are other companies that produce better software, market better, and make fewer mistakes. But no other company manages their business as well. From tactics such as "total world domination" to "fail quickly" and Bill is watching" this book, written by former Microsoft insider and software developer David Thielen, offers a revealing look at the strategies behind this company that has taken hold on the imagination of business people around the world. Managers in every industry are interested in Microsoft. Some want to emulate it, some fear it. This book provides a simple and clear answer to a prime question on the public's mind. How do they do it? More importantly, Thielen's insights will instruct any company on how to use these Microsoft tactics to go after total market share in their own markets.

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